2021 August 26 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

The authoritarian lockdown measures being implemented in Australia and New Zealand are perfect examples of a real world dystopia. Thousand dollar fines if you are caught going outside alone for fresh air? Unreal. Jim Bovard reminds us that absolute power is no Covid safety net.

This is probably a good time to remind ourselves that Australia and New Zealand systematically disarmed as many of their citizens as possible more than 2 decades ago. It’s a safe bet that similar calls for disarming the American public are coming. As J.D. Tuccille notes, it’s doubtful that American gun owners will comply with similar laws. Getting people to obey bad laws can be tricky.

I know we’re supposed to believe that the vaccine is the answer to “beating the virus.” But this narrative isn’t exactly squaring with reality right now. Tyler Durden from Zero Hedge documents how even mainstream media is finally asking big questions about the covid vaccines.

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