2021 August 26 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Politicians and other power-seekers are very intent to make schoolchildren wear masks. It’s a move that isn’t necessarily supported by “the science.” Jon Miltimore points out how the CDC itself admits that schools with mask mandates saw statistically comparable rates of transmission as schools without mask mandates.

Overconfidence in science is causing far too many people to abandon reason and to simply trust what people in authority are telling them. Kai Weiss explains how this is a quirk of human nature that was pointed out long ago by F.A. Hayek as something that can lead us straight into the clutches of collectivism.

Standing up for your rights isn’t always the easy thing to do. That’s especially true when you’re speaking with a police officer. Allan Stevo has a truly useful recommendation of what to do before backing down to an officer.

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