11-2-2019 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

Liberty RoundTable Radio Show Hour 2 – 11/2/2019
* The Good Sheriff Richard Mack Interview Continues!
* Will Constitutional Sheriff’s Stand for the Rule of Law?
* Trevor Noah asks Hillary Clinton: ‘How did you kill Jeffrey Epstein?’ – FoxNews.
* Attorneys won’t confirm reported ID of whistle-blower.
* Trump’s primary residence: Trump Tower vs. Mar-a-Lago.
* The 20 US cities where everyone’s moving to — and they’re nearly all in Florida – Andy Kiersz.
* The 2020 census wants to be your side gig.
* Arpaio looks to restore lawsuit against Rolling Stone, Huffpo, CNN – Judge cites lack of ‘specificity’ regarding ‘actual malice’.

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