10-12-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hr 2

Young Voices spokesman Stephen Kent joins me to talk about our collaborative launch of a new show featuring some of their top talent on the Fed By Ravens Media network. Join us to learn about Moving Forward with Young Voices.

Isn’t it curious that the World Health Organization has quietly reversed course on lockdowns? Jon Miltimore has a great article on why the WHO is now advising nations not to continue punishing lockdowns.

Why do the elites continue to speak with privilege and contempt for the poor and working class? Jenin Younes has a terrific write up of how the court “experts” are working overtime to maintain their power over the masses.

Reading a good book is one of the most overlooked respites from a chaotic world. Annie Holmquist reminds us that our national love affair with reading was a foundational part of America’s greatness.

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