10-12-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hr 1

It’s been absolutely fascinating to watch the reactions to the Great Barrington Declaration over this past week. The lockdowners are in full damage control mode. Rob Sutton has an excellent article on why it’s dangerous to blur the line between science and politics.

The recent outrage over Sen. Mike Lee’s comments on the true nature democracy is a perfect example of straw man arguments in action. Gary Arnell uses this incident as an object lesson in how all of us can make better arguments by better understanding our opponent’s point of view.

If you’re serious about understanding the world at a deeper level than political bumper sticker slogans, you’ve got to learn about economics. Lydia Kapp explains how her understanding grew as she followed her husband down the rabbit hole of Austrian Economics.

What is going to happen come November 3rd? It’s a question most of us are asking/dreading. Step out of the comfort zone for a moment and let’s explore a possibility that few people are willing to consider: Why can’t both major candidates lose?

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