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In 1973, Chile’s socialist/communist president was removed through a military coup and Marxism was successfully suppressed. Free market economics were introduced. Chile became the world’s “Economic Miracle” and was considered the best economy in Latin America. Then, in October of 2019, protesters began burning, looting, and fighting with the police, triggering a state of emergency and bringing out the military to
the streets of Santiago.

Leah Southwell was an eyewitness to this event, having lived and worked in Chile for seven years. She also lived in Holland for ten years. She is an American who has interesting firsthand cultural observations of similar events taking place now. As a John Birch Society staff member, Leah has a deep understanding of the enemy we are facing and the solutions for what is happening in the United States and in the world

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  1. We were very excited to watch the stream about Leah but your stream was not working. Did you recorded the presentation and would you ve willing to share?


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