5-22-2020 Stranger Than Fiction

Your humble, truth-seeking host Ralph Dlugas explores the intersection where faith meets science.

Topics discussed included:

  • Why is earth’s magnetic field weakening?
  • Is global warming real and who is using it as a tool to grab power?
  • Signs of the times.
  • What’s up with the coronavirus vaccine bill #6666?
  • Can we trust the government’s preferred “experts” on COVID-19?
  • The miracle of light.
  • Were the explorers and founders of America led by God?


1 thought on “5-22-2020 Stranger Than Fiction”

  1. Ralph, I have listened to your podcasts for the last month or so. Very stimulating. I couldn’t completely follow what you were talking about with regards to light and electrons not moving. Can you recommend some good reading source material for better clarity? I am currently going to UVU for a biological education degree. I have been sorting through a lot of science material and often seek out the Lord for clarity and to discover truth from error. I am most concerned about teaching true principles which bring our young people closer to God rather than questioning his existence. ‘Preciate you.


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