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By Debbie Kraulidis | Moms for America


Addiction to Recovery: One Mom's Journey

October 04, 2022

Robin Brock is a mom who knows firsthand what it’s like to live with addiction. Her secret addiction to painkillers could have cost her many years behind bars. She’s here to tell us her story of healing and to help women break free from addiction.


Covid Vaccine Mandate Defeated in Court

September 27, 2022

Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, joins us to discuss the country's first class-action lawsuit victory over a COVID-19 vaccine mandate in Illinois. Constitutional rights and religious freedom won and won big!


Tools Moms Need To Advocate For Their Kids

September 19, 2022

Alvin Lui saw the need for courageous parents when advocating for his school-aged children. Inspired by his experience, Alvin started Courage Is A Habit, an organization that gives parents resources to stand up for their kids. We tend to think of courage


Allie Beth Stuckey on Motherhood, Politics, Culture and More

September 12, 2022

Allie Beth Stuckey, host of the “Relatable” podcast, is a leading conservative influencer, commentator, wife and mother of 2. Hear what she has to say about motherhood in today’s culture, building a worldview upon the truth of God’s Word, and her take on


Dangerous Trend in Education You Need To Hear About

September 05, 2022

Jennifer McWilliams is a mother and a trained teacher. She lost her job when she spoke out about a dangerous trend in education that many parents have not heard about. School administrators claim Social Emotional Learning (SEL) helps students learn resili


Homeschooling on a Budget

August 29, 2022

Homeschooling? Just looking for family activities that don’t break the bank? Jessica Baumgartner is a mom who has wisdom to share. Though it wasn’t always the plan, Jessica ended up teaching her children at home and loved it. She has practical tips to mak


Public School Teacher Gives Insider Tips to Moms

August 22, 2022

This week, Brenda Lebsack, joins the Moms for America Podcast to discuss the perils of the public school system. As a public-school teacher in California for the last 30 years, Brenda’s growing concern over government overreach prompted her to start http:


Living Under Socialism, What It's Really Like

August 15, 2022

Parents were shocked to discover that their children are being taught to hate America and embrace socialism in our public-school classrooms. How much of a threat is socialism to liberty? Listen to Tanya Rakhuba tell her riveting story of growing up in the


Defending Parental Rights: Tips from an Attorney

August 08, 2022

This week on the Moms for America Podcast, Kate Anderson, mom and attorney for Alliance Defending Freedom joins us to discuss one of the hottest topics among parents today – parental rights. Learn helpful tips from an attorney about how to defend your par


Vaccine Injury Changes Woman’s Life

August 01, 2022

Join us on this episode of the Moms for America Podcast as we speak with Brittany Galvin, who shares her shocking story about her life-changing injury as the result of her COVID-19 vaccine. The media has been largely mum about vaccine injuries, but we mus


Conceived in Rape – A Pro-Life Story

July 25, 2022

Ryan Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation joins the Moms for America Podcast to share his story of being conceived in rape. He shares his passion for the pro-life movement and discusses the recent landmark decision in which Roe v Wade was finally aborted.


Women Sports Are Under Attack

July 18, 2022

Women's Sports Are Under Attack. The integrity of women’s sports is at stake as we are seeing biological males compete in women’s sports all across the country. Representative Barbara Ehardt joins us to talk about her legislation, how to preserve women’s


School Shooting Survival Tips

July 11, 2022

When seconds count, what does your child need to know? Join host Debbie Kraulidis as she talks with Carrie Pasquarello, a security expert and co-founder of Global Secure Resources, about active shooter awareness and teaching kids to react quickly to dange


Signs of Drug Addiction in Teens

July 04, 2022

This week, Michael DeLeon from Victoria's Voice, joins the Moms for America podcast as he shares the signs of drug addiction in teens and how parents can prevent drug use by following simple but powerful advice.


Kellyanne Conway: Her Side of the Story – Part 2

June 27, 2022

Kellyanne continues her discussion about her personal memoir "Here's The Deal." This episode Kellyanne talks about her husband's mean tweets, her daughter's social media situation, what she is doing now and shares her thoughts about President Trump runnin


Kellyanne Conway: Her Side of the Story – Part 1

June 20, 2022

This week on the Moms for America Podcast, we sat down with Kellyanne Conway in the first of a two part series as she shared openly and candidly from her new memoir, Here’s The Deal. During this moving and powerful discussion, Kellyanne shares about her l


How to Halt Dangerous School Curriculum

June 13, 2022

We can take back our schools! This week, we welcome Dr. Kelly Kohls, former school board president and creator of the National School Board Leadership Counsel, to discuss how we can halt the dangerous curriculums that are overtaking our schools. Learn to


Border Crisis: Journalist Shares Personal Account

June 06, 2022

Investigative war correspondent and mother, Vicky Richter joins us to talk about her personal journey at the border. She’ll share the truth and expose the lies through an unfiltered lens.


Liberal Feminist Decries Gender Culture

May 31, 2022

Kara Dansky, the author of The Abolition of Sex – How the “Transgender” Agenda Harms Women and Girls joins us to share advice to moms on protecting their daughters’ rights, privacy and safety. Kara believes the “transgender” movement is actually a men’s


Disney Fires Mom Over Mandates

May 23, 2022

Former cast member Barb Andreas spent two decades in management at Walt Disney World. She joins us to talk about how she was fired when she tried to exercise her right to religious freedom.


2000 Mules Director Speaks to Moms

May 16, 2022

2000 Mules Co-writer and director Debbie D’Souza joins us to discuss how she learned through geo-tracking, video surveillance footage, and forensic data that paid operatives broke our election laws to change the outcome of the presidential election. Some


Girls and Gender in Today’s World

May 09, 2022

The culture wants to erase all the differences between male and female and make gender meaningless. Patti Garibay, author of the “Raising Godly Girls Guide to Gender and Identity” gives sound advice to parents and especially moms about how to talk to our


Powerful Influence of Mothers

May 02, 2022

Kimberly Fletcher, President and Founder of Moms for America joins the podcast as a special guest. Kimberly talks about the powerful influence of mothers and shares encouraging advice on raising children in today’s culture. Kimberly also shares how God ca


Parenting Biracial Children in a Divided Country

April 23, 2022

Juleen Jackson and her daughter, Kayla, join us to share how they have navigated race in today's culture as an interracial family. Hear from the perspective of mother and child as Juleen opens up about parenting in a society that sees in black and white,


Disney Employee Speaks Out About Woke Agenda

April 14, 2022

Disney has been known as THE company that offers the highest quality entertainment for children and families. But… there is a DARK SIDE OF DISNEY and moms… we need to know about it. Emi Mackedon, a longtime “cast member” at Walt Disney World talks about w


Raising Patriots and Inspiring Liberty

April 11, 2022

How can we as moms raise a generation of strong patriotic children? How can we instill a love of liberty in our homes? Join Debbie Kraulidis on the Moms for America podcast as she discusses these important issues with Rick Green, founder of Patriot Academ


Save Women’s Sports

April 04, 2022

Save Women’s Sports. The integrity of women’s sports is at stake as we are seeing biological males compete in women’s sports all across the country. Representative Barbara Ehardt joins us to talk about her legislation, how to preserve women’s sports and t


Parental Rights Under Attack, Mom Speaks Up

March 29, 2022

Parental rights are under attack, and this mom is mad! Former Miss World Columbia and mother of four, Catalina Stubbe, joins us to discuss the blatant liberal attacks on parental rights in America. We want to make it clear – we will not co-parent with the


Nurse Sounds Off on Vaccine Mandates

March 22, 2022

Montana mom and nurse of 15 years sounds off on vaccine mandates. Corrine Hammond believes that when there is risk there must be choice and she is speaking out. Corrine joins us to talk about how she and other nurses have formed a support group for the un


Ex Community Organizer Exposes Tactics of the Left

March 15, 2022

Former Community Organizer and mom of 3, talks about why she left her job and the Democratic party. After her shocking revelation of Cultural Marxism, Kari Donivan became a citizen journalist exposing the tactics of the left and an activist for freedom, l


My skin color became my idol.

March 08, 2022

Have you questioned the narratives you have been hearing from the media, family, or friends? Have you started asking questions and digging deeper into your own preconceived notions? Has your skin color become an idol? Quisha King joins us to share her p


Taking back our schools and children’s education.

March 01, 2022

Moms are completely frustrated with the public-school system’s progressive agenda. MFA Executive Director, Tamra Farah joins us to discuss how parents can protect their kids in today’s culture and take back their school boards for good. http://momsforamer


The powerful influence of moms.

February 15, 2022

Kimberly Fletcher, President and Founder of Moms For America joins the podcast as a special guest. Kimberly talks about the powerful influence of mothers and shares encouraging advice on raising children in todays culture. Kimberly also shares how God cal


Mom Boss - How to balance family and career.

February 08, 2022

Are you thinking of starting your own business and would like some expert advice from a successful boss mom? Special guest – Jamie Oberweger, Founder and Chief Mom of the Lucky Bar kids' protein bar, joins us to talk about balancing home, family and a ca


Are the mothers of the Bible relevant today?

February 01, 2022

Dr. Marina Hofman joins us to talk about why these incredible Biblical role models are so important and how their stories will help you in your journey through motherhood. (


FBI raids homeschool mom’s home.

January 25, 2022

Homeschool mom of 4, wife and part- time make-up artist’s home gets raided by the FBI. Sherronna Bishop talks about how a knock on the door turned into the FBI busting down her front door and handcuffing her. It’s an unbelievable story. Take a listen. w


Raising boys in a woke culture.

January 18, 2022

Moms are raising sons in the middle of a culture war on masculinity. Mark Hancock, the CEO of Trail Life USA joins us to talk about their organization and share advice on how to help our boys become the men that God created them to be. http://www.momsfor


Raise Pro-Life Kids and shift the culture.

January 11, 2022

How can we reinforce the value of every human life, in and out of the womb to our children?Bethany Bomberger, author of the book “Pro-Life Kids” joins us to talk about the importance of teaching our children that life is special and is to be celebrated an


Saving babies and financially helping moms in a crisis pregnancy.

January 04, 2022

Emily Berning talks about the importance of life saving assistance for crisis pregnancy moms and how LET THEM LIVE is helping moms choose life over abortion.


Christmas traditions celebrating the real reason for the season.

December 14, 2021

Christmas traditions help us celebrate the real reason for the season. Stay in awe and wonder this Christmas as Mona, the Mom Mentor joins us to share the importance of traditions and remembering. Mona will share new tradition ideas, how to revive old fa


First time school board candidate mom runs and wins!

December 07, 2021

Moms all across the country are stepping up to run for their local school board seats. Samantha Hall shares her story and how other parent's joined her for big victory in her county.


Police Officer & Mom discusses the overreaching vaccine mandates.

November 30, 2021

One year ago Police Officers were on the front lines working endless hours through the Covid crisis. Now they are being bullied to adhere to vaccine mandates or turn in their badges. Stefanie Mingari shares her personal story and why she is taking a stan


How to heal depression and bring extra joy into your household.

November 23, 2021

How to heal depression and bring extra joy into your household. For many, depression can be tough during the holiday season with continued Covid19 mandates and restrictions. Full-time nomad, author and blogger Lynda Rozell joins us to share her personal


Family dinnertime, easy meals and baking homemade breads with the Food Nanny.

November 16, 2021

Family dinner time is so important to our family unit. Moms are always looking for easy meals and great recipes for their family. The Food Nanny Lizi Heaps joins us to talk about her new book, baking homemade breads, simple nutritious recipes and making


Gold Star Mom shares son's story and restoring patriotism

November 09, 2021

Gold Star Mom Reesa Doebbler shares her heart on losing her son Army Staff Sgt Clayton Bowen and restoring patriotism in our country.


Nurse discovers born alive abortion as baby is left to die in soiled utility closet.

November 02, 2021

Nurse discovers born alive abortion as baby is left to die in soiled utility closet. RN Jill Stanek cradled him for 45 minutes because she could not bear the thought of this baby dying alone. It was then she knew she had to expose this atrocity and fight


God and Cancel Culture: Stand Strong Before It’s Too Late.

October 26, 2021

Join best selling author Stephen Strang to discuss the attack on America's freedom.


American Heritage Girls

October 19, 2021

Meet the organization, their mission and the founder. Executive Director Patti Garibay shares why she started American Heritage Girls and how we can raise Godly girls.


Homeschool tips, advice, and creative ideas.

October 12, 2021

Homeschool tips, advice, and creative ideas. Christine Drumm, a longtime homeschool advocate joins us to help newbie home education moms in their new journey as a teacher.


Is there Hope for the Educational System?

September 27, 2021

Is there Hope for the Educational System? Dr. Fishbein says YES! Dr. Fishbein, the Founder and President of the national grassroots movement No Left Turn in Education joins us to share the resources available to stop the lefts propaganda in our school an


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