9-11-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hr 2

Feeling a bit of trepidation as the election draws closer? You’re not alone. Now that members of the far left and far right have been shot dead in the streets, we’ve crossed a threshold of sorts. Chris Hedges has a pretty solid analysis of America’s bloodlands and why, historically, violence escalates when the opposing sides can claim martyrs.

If you’ve wondered just how controlling and craven much of our media has become, the sensationalized and distorted reporting on the Sturgis bike ralley, and broken Covid-19 models are pretty good examples. Ethan Yang spells it out for those who have eyes to see.

While we’re dividing ourselves up into various warring tribes, some interesting stereotypes have emerged. Robert E. Wright has a great piece describing the various LARPers and how each of us fits into the cast of characters.

Not so many years ago, rancher Cliven Bundy was denounced for stating a truth less eloquently than Dr. Walter E. Williams did: “The welfare state has done to black Americans what slavery couldn’t do….And that is to destroy the black family.” Wendy McElroy has a great article that describes the incredible harm done to the black community by politicians, civil rights leaders and academics.

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