9-3-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 2

* JK Rowling returns human-rights award to group that denounces her trans views – Author ‘follows my conscience’ after head of organization says her views are transphobic.

* Christian Walker: If Kindergartners Can Obey Teachers, Grown Men Can Obey Police Officers There is a well-crafted establishment media narrative that police officers routinely shoot suspects as a way to wipe out black and brown folks, and that poisonous lie is currently serving as fuel for violent civil unrest throughout the nation.

* Massachusetts orders all students to receive flu vaccine by end of year – Sets requirement for entering school in January!

* Catholic priest closes DNC by praying for ‘the unborn child in the womb’!

* Planned Parenthood explains how abortionists harvest ‘intact human fetuses’ – Video reveals sworn statements about procedure that results in ‘more usable fetal tissues’.

* 7 reasons Trump will win in a mega-landslide – Scott Lively.

* Lauren Nelson, Age 11 Girl Buys and Renovates Her Own Tiny Home.

* “She has three envelopes that she puts her money in — ‘give,’ ‘save’ and ‘spend’ — and I think she made a really good choice,” her mom said. “She now says she’s part of the tiny home nation.”

* Actress attends illegal church service: ‘It’s my God-given right to be able to worship God freely’ – Sam Sorbo speaks out for religious freedom: ‘Be more afraid of compliance’.

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