9-27-2019 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 1


Liberty Roundtable Radio Show Hour 1 – 9/27/2019
* Who is the whistle-blower? – Is The Whistle-blower a Deep State Plant?
* The Whistle-Blower Is an Unnamed C.I.A. Officer Who Was Detailed to the White House.
* The whistle-blower acknowledged throughout the complaint having not personally witnessed many of the events described.
* Impeach Overreach? Pelosi Bets It All on Call – FRC.
* Rand Paul Slams Democrats’ ‘Desperate Witch Hunt’ Against Donald Trump.
* Lindsey Graham on Impeachment-Frenzied Democrats: They’ve ‘Lost Their Minds’.
* Biased News Anchor Cuts Off Trump, Says He ‘Isn’t Telling the Truth’.
* Does Romney Back Pelosi’s Impeachment Push Against Trump?
* Mitt repeatedly hammered the President over a transcript of a phone conversation, referring to Trump’s actions as “deeply troubling.”
* Trump Wants ‘Full Transparency’ on Bidens’ Dealings with Ukraine, China.
* Ukraine’s President Tells Press About Trump Phone Call: ‘Nobody Pushed Me’.
* Another Obama ‘Fast and Furious’ gun found – Discovered in Chihuahua after violent battle between 2 groups – WND.com.

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