9-25-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hr 2

The only thing I love more than non-sugarcoated truth is truth delivered with a healthy side of snark. Robert E. Wright has a great essay on why it’s wise not to be a party to political parties.

I’ll never judge someone for wanting to drive an electric or hybrid vehicle. I do, however, reserve a certain amount of contempt for politicians who think they should regulate our choice of what to drive. (Gavin Newsom, I’m looking your direction) Anders Koskinen makes the case that if you want to save the environment, drive a gas-powered car.

You’ve likely noticed that civility is in pretty short supply these days. Annie Holmquist has a personal story that illustrates how we can be civil even when the people around us aren’t.

What is motivating the current unhinged behavior of the politically possessed? Plain and simple, it’s the realization that their lust for power may go unfulfilled. Thomas Luongo explains that this is likely the last stand for many American Marxists.

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