9-25-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hr 1

Visiting with Word & Numbers podcast cohost James R Harrigan is the cerebral equivalent of downing a triple shot of espresso. James joins me to discuss the current Supreme Court drama as well as other notable current events.

Want a better view of what’s at stake in the upcoming election? Pat Buchanan says the chips are all on the table this time. His take from 30,000 feet is insightful and surprisingly non-partisan.

If you’re planning on voting in this year’s general election, Thomas L. Knapp has some advice worth considering: Grow up. The folks who keep assuring us that they’re the adults in the room aren’t necessarily telling us the truth.

Ready for some good news about Covid-19? The truth is finally beginning to break through. At last, the lockdown narrative is beginning to crumble. Check out this video of Dr. Martin Kulldorff describing the efficacy of lockdowns to Florida governor Ron DeSantis.

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