9-24-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hr 1

What would you say is the biggest choice before us today? Personally, I don’t think it’s about who we should elect to public office. As George Gilder explains, it’s whether we will choose liberty or lockdowns.

This year has been one long, uninterrupted learning experience for many of us. What are the most important takeaways? Jeffrey A. Tucker shares his top 20 lessons learned in 2020.

It looks like a war zone in some of our city streets. But what exactly is the nature of the culture war that’s raging across America? Doug Casey breaks it down for us.

The real estate market in my home state of Utah is going nuts. Is home ownership still the American dream? Before you answer, consider what Thomas L. Knapp has to say.

Talk about pouring gas onto a raging dumpster fire. The 2020 election was contentious enough without adding in the need to seat a new justice on the Supreme Court. Trevor Burrus has a few timely suggestions for quenching the fire of partisan judicial politics.

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