9-10-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show

Pull up a chair, my fellow wrongthinker.

It’s bad enough when someone is insisting you ignore reality. It’s even more Orwellian when their desperation to prevent independent thought includes conditioning us regarding whom we must hate. Caroline Breashears has written a great article titled America’s 1984: Welcome to the hate.

Of all the conflicts raging around us, the one that matters most is the one in our hearts. Annie Holmquist has some workable ideas about putting the pieces together after the summer of riots. It’s a terrific caution about not losing our kindness, values or our common sense just because others have succumbed to irrationality.

Anytime someone pleads, “Do it for the children…,” my BS detector starts beeping. The chances are high that they’re simply trying to manipulate me through my feelings. Unless, of course, that person is Kerry McDonald and she’s warning about how social isolation is damaging an entire generation of kids. Her take is spot on.

It’s astonishing how many otherwise thoughtful people have a curious blind spot–if not acceptance–of communism. How did an ideology known for death, terror and torture get such positive public relations? Bryan Caplan explains how economics textbooks have tended to sanitize the horrors of communism.

Because Covid-19 and the attendant lockdown debacles are widespread and fairly complex issues, it can be hard to understand the impact of what has happened. Jeffrey A. Tucker has shared a remarkable 40 minute video that offers one of the clearest, most principled explanations yet.

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