8-25-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 2

* Business partner of Falwell Giancarlo Granda says he had affair with the power couple! Liberty University says Jerry Falwell Jr. agreed to resign as president but then withdrew his resignation.

* How Trump finds 10 million new votes – Andy Schlafly.

* Entire neighborhood changes porch lights to blue to support police – ‘There aren’t enough words to explain what this picture means to us’.

* Overlooked video shows Chicago agitators dragging policewoman across asphalt by her hair – Christine Favocci.

* Austin city council votes to defund police, redirect money partially to abortion services – Ryan Foley.

* $1,000,000 in buried treasure hidden across state by jewelry store forced to close due to pandemic – Amanda Thomason.

* Grade school requiring children to study ‘Book About Whiteness’ – Claims people who are friendly to police are ‘complicit in racism’.

* Voter Fraud: Man Arrested in L.A. for Voting 3 Times as His Dead Mother.

* Movers in N.Y.C. Are So Busy They’re Turning People Away.

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