7-24-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman

* Do you support the police?

* What does defunding the police actually mean?* Defund Homeland Security – They are Creating a massive federal police Force.

* Expect Chaos If You Defund the Police – Dennis Prager – The difference between police and no police is the difference between order and chaos.

* After horrible first pitch, Fauci strikes out by not wearing mask.

* Donald Trump Jr. visits Utah to meet with GOP candidates, mark Pioneer Day.

* President Donald Trump sent a letter of condolences to the widow of country legend Charlie Daniels.

* Oakland’s Mayor Votes NO on Defunding Police After Her Home is Vandalized.

* Poll: Nearly Two-thirds of Americans Fear Sharing Their Political Views.

* Trump: Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler ‘made a fool of himself’ by joining protesters.

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