7-22-2020 Washington Watch Live with Tony Perkins

David Harsanyi, senior writer for National Review and the author of “First Freedom: A Ride through America’s Enduring History with the Gun,” on his piece “The Problem in Portland Isn’t the Law; It’s the Lawlessness.”
Travis Weber, FRC’s Vice President for Policy and Government Affairs, on the contrast between the presidential candidates’ views on religious freedom with Joe Biden promoting teaching Islam in public schools and President Trump promising to prosecute vandals who target Catholic churches and statues.
Dean Nelson, FRC’s Senior Fellow for African American Affairs, on Planned Parenthood’s NYC chapter finally acknowledging its founder’s racist and eugenicist agenda.
Dan Celia, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host and President/CEO of Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries, on the state of the economy and the markets as Congress begins negotiating another round of Coronavirus relief legislation.

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