7-1-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

The speed with which critical race theory has become a flashpoint in government education is surprising. Robby Soave says it cannot be banned but it should definitely be exposed, mocked and avoided.

Censorship is a bigger deal than many of us realize. Either we decide for ourselves what ideas we will or will not entertain or someone else does it for us. Barry Brownstein has a phenomenal article on how censorship in regards to Covid has produced deadly consequences.

In the marketplace of ideas, it’s clear that we’re not dealing with a free market. Some ideas are subsidized by the state and that’s not a good idea. Michael Rectenwald warns that the tyranny of the minority is just as dangerous as the tyranny of the majority.

Few things make me as nostalgic as remembering the good old days when we could laugh at ourselves. These days, the newly ‘woke’ are sucking every bit of fun and independence from our lives. Jeff Minnick has some timely ideas to fight back against the killjoys and reclaiming our ability to have fun.

As concerns mount over hardcore leftist dogma being taught in our (government-run) public schools, there is an elegant and workable solution that few have seriously considered. Separate school and state says Jacob Hornberger, and watch the problem resolve itself.

When most people weigh the pros and cons of school choice, they tend to focus on test scores and academic achievement. Vincent Geloso says, that’s short-sighted. He recommends taking a larger view of what’s at stake for the student and that’s where parents have the best information on how to proceed.


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