6-3-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 1

  • * Confederate monuments toppled, damaged, burned – A statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee was toppled from its pedestal in front of the namesake high school in Montgomery, Alabama, Monday night. The statue was overturned on a state holiday commemorating Jefferson Davis’ birthday. It is one of three Alabama holidays celebrating the Confederacy.
  • * Steve King, House Republican Loses Primary.
  • * CBS News gayle-king Guests claim ‘white Americans’ are racists, have ‘contempt for black life’. ‘You need to educate yourself as to the truth of this situation’.
  • * NBA Legend Dennis Rodman Calls Out Rioters For Depraved Behavior.
  • * Republicans Seeking Site To Relocate Convention.
  • * Amazon delivery driver stops to pray for boy with heart defect.
  • * Peru mayor jumps into coffin, plays dead after cops catch him partying under lock-down.
  • * Man dies with extremely high blood-alcohol content, was listed as COVID fatality.
  • * Police say Ivy League lawyers tried to hand out firebombs – 2 arrested near clash in New York.
  • * Biden campaign staff caught financially supporting Minnesota riots.

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