6-26-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 1

* Guest: Former Sheriff Richard Mack – CSPOA.org.

* President Trump accused BLM leader Walter Hawk Newsome, of committing treason, sedition and insurrection in a tweet on Thursday.

* Lobbyist Jack Abramoff Headed Back to Jail.

* 47.1M jobless claims in 14 weeks – USA Today.

* More than 1M dead Americans were sent stimulus checks, costing the federal government nearly $1.4B a government watchdog reported.

* The Dixie Chicks have dropped the word “dixie” from their band name, The band will now be named The Chicks.

* Disneyland delays its reopening.

* Chuck E. Cheese announced the company is filing for bankruptcy protection due to the financial difficulties brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

* Michael Flynn Lawyer Sidney Powell: ‘Rule of Law’ Prevailed.

* WND: ‘What exactly are you gonna burn down, tough guy?’ – Mark Levin said on the “Hannity” show Wednesday.

* LA County Sheriff to Increase Concealed Permit Issuance by 400%.

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