6-22-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hr2

Hour 2:

* Guest: Dr. Scott Bradley – To Preserve The Nation – FreedomsRisingSun.com.

* Is Mary Poppins now a racist movie?

* Dan Cathy Chick-fil-A CEO on racism in America: ‘We’re shameful’ – White people need ‘period of contrition,’.

* Religion and Religious Freedom in the COVID-19 Era- Finding Community and Hope.

* Lawsuit: If protesters can gather, why not churches? – Congregation challenges governor’s unequal treatment of First Amendment rights.

* Appeals court judges threaten ‘contact tracing’ for religious services.

* The NBA is using wearables in an effort to keep players and staff safe from coronavirus when the season restarts in July at Disney World in Orlando. Players will have the option to use a wearable ring to provide them with a wellness assessment. A social distancing alarm will notify players when they are within six feet of others.

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