6-20-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 1

  • * Guests: VP Rick Dalton, President Richard Mack – CSPOA.org.
  • * Tomorrow is Father’s Day, and we wish a happy Father’s Day to George Washington and all Fathers!
  • * Portland Criminal Thugs Topple George Washington Statue On The Eve Of Juneteenth!
  • * Pence Won’t Say ‘Black Lives Matter’ in Interview – Insisting instead that ‘all lives matter in a very real sense.
  • * Book: Vindicating the Founders : Race, Sex, Class and Justice in the Origins of America – Thomas G. West.
  • * Masks Are Now Mandatory in CA, Gov. Gavin Newsom issues order that will apply to most public settings.
  • * AMC theaters has reversed course: Guests will now be required to wear masks.
  • * Many CCP virus exec orders are totally without Constitutional or legislative authority.
  • * Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free!
  • * New law in Virginia requires every child be vaccinated.
  • * Trump Takes Stand Against ‘Radical and Dangerous Efforts’ To Defund Nation’s Police Departments.
  • * Police Training needs reform, prejudice is learned and can be unlearned – Rick Dalton.

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