6-18-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 1

  • * Guest: James Edwards – Race, Politics & Hypocrisy in 21st Century America – thepoliticalcesspool.org.
  • * Guest: Bryan Rust – Over the past 50 years, Rust Coins has been working to educate customers about precious metals – RustCoinAndGift.com.
  • * Honest Money Report: Gold: $1726.10 Silver: $17.50.
  • * ‘If you don’t want your dose’ of Kavanaugh treatment: Limbaugh raises specter of Supreme ‘intimidation’ – ‘I now think a whole lot of stuff is possible I used to not think was’.* Are Supreme Court justices being intimidated to rule in favor of leftist causes?
  • * Glenn Beck: I Can-t Take it Anymore!
  • * Quaker Oats retiring Aunt Jemima, acknowledging racist stereotype.
  • * Mars announced: The Uncle Ben’s brand identity will be changed.

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