5-8-2020 Loving Liberty with Bryan Hyde hr 1

  • We keep hearing about the “new normal” as if it’s somehow already written in stone. Not so. Anders Koskinen says our future is still under construction and this is not the time to become indifferent.
  • What’s the difference between journalism and narrative? It’s something that absolutely must be understood if we’re serious about not being manipulated and misled by those who feed us information.
  • The SWAT raid on a peaceful protest on a bar in Texas is a troubling warning sign for anyone who’s paying attention. Becky Akers spells out the ramifications of what happens when repeated petitions are met with repeated injury.
  • When we hear the phrase “weapons of war on our streets,” we’re not supposed to notice that the literal war-making weapons are there in the hands of the state. Sam Jacobs has a powerful article documenting how and why this is happening.

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