5-4-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Eric Peters from EP Autos joins me for another foray into wrongthink. We discuss “masks required” signage and property rights as well as how to assert ownership of our own lives by reclaiming our freedoms.

Remember the good old days when companies existed to meet the needs of their customers and not to signal social virtue? Andrea Widburg has a fascinating story of a software company whose corporate speech policy is a welcome break from all the social justice force-feeding.

The solutions to so many of the problems facing our culture and society today start much closer to home than many of us realize. One of the most activist things a person can do is raise kids who understand and value their freedom. Annie Holmquist has a timely call to decolonize government schools and to teach your children what really matters.

If you’re serious about propaganda-proofing yourself, here’s another supremely helpful essay from Paul Rosenberg on how to recognize and counter common fallacies that are used to keep us from speaking and seeking the truth.


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