5-3-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

The mask mandates are slowly lifting but something even darker is quietly taking their place. Megan Redshaw explores whether colleges and employers can legally require you to get the Covid vaccine. As you might expect, it’s complicated.

The amount of government spending these days is soaring beyond comprehension. Jon Miltimore has some valuable historical perspective on what the ancient Greeks and Romans can teach us about our current debt explosion.

With all that official spending, it follows that politicians will be looking to raise taxes to pay for their binge. Words & Numbers hosts James R. Harrigan and Antony Davies explain how when politicians say fair tax, they only mean more tax.

You’re likely hearing more about Blockchain these days and wondering if it’s just another fad. Ethan Yang has a timely essay about Blockchain and the future of everything in our growing digital society.

Here’s a question that doesn’t get asked often enough: What do humans owe each other? There’s definitely no shortage of people who are eager to make a claim on your life, labor and money. Kent McManigal has a thoughtful take on a debt you don’t owe.


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