5-13-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve been living under a pretty strong Big Brother vibe for the better part of the last year. Barry Brownstein reminds us that Big Brother cannot succeed without the help of a bunch of little brothers doing his bidding.

I’m a firm believer in the adage that one of the most activist things we can do is raise children who are clear and independent thinkers. Kerry McDonald has an excellent article on how the prospect of homeschooling is once again bringing out the authoritarian in a certain Harvard professor.

One of the more insidious ideologies being force-fed to the public these days is Critical Race Theory. James Lindsay has one of the most concise and direct warnings yet about what CRT is and why we should think twice before allowing ourselves to be indoctrinated into it.

Proposed vaccine passports are gaining traction as the necessary proof that a person is fit to travel, work and/or attend mass gatherings. J.D. Tuccille says, be careful. Those vaccine passports will likely far outlast the pandemic that some are using to justify their creation.


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