5-1-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

  • * Kentucky storm sweeps horse and buggy away leaving 4 Amish children dead, 1 missing.
  • * Swedish town uses chicken manure to help stop spread of coronavirus – Reuters.
  • * Open-air classes for Denmark’s students.
  • * How accurate is the US coronavirus death count? Some experts say it’s off by ‘tens of thousands’ To get an accurate picture of the pandemic, US needs to test more of the dead.
  • * Alaska School Board Bans ‘The Great Gatsby’ and Other ‘Harmful’ Books.
  • * Board bans books from school for profanity, racism, sex – 1 identified for having ‘anti-white’ messaging.
  • * Catholic university offers free semester to new students due to COVID-19 – College to tap into reserves to fund endeavor.
  • * Juanita Broaddrick Blasts Hillary’s Biden Endorsement: Has ‘Decades of Experience’ Enabling ‘Sexual Predator’ Bill.
  • * Kobach: The Tenth Circuit Wrongly Strikes Down Kansas’s Proof-of-Citizenship Election Requiremen.
  • * Before Trump, there was Congressman Steve Stockman – John Griffing updates readers on efforts to release politically prosecuted prisoner.
  • * YouTube and Twitter Censor Pharma Company Researching UV Light Treatment for Chinese Virus.

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