4-16-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show

For all the talk about the evils of Jim Crow, we sure seem to be on our way to implementing something very similar. Of course, these rules are being imposed by the “woke” inmates who’ve taken over the asylum. Donald Jeffries spells out what this means for the wokeless and second class citizenry.

A bright spot in the otherwise stark landscape of the past year’s COVID restrictions has been types of pushback that are taking place. Anders Koskinen describes the toilet paper flagship and other examples of creative resistance.

Isn’t it curious that the folks who urge others to “trust the science” are the ones who are being dogmatic? Asking questions is a good thing. As Yaël Ossowski  explains, we should be questioning whether the CDC’s mask mandate for 2 year olds actually makes sense.

We’ve all heard the warnings about the dangers of “toxic masculinity” but few people seem to be talking about the downside of boys failing to become men. Annie Holmquist makes the  case for why a manly father is good for children.


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