4-15-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

What do we make of the trend for corporate America (including the medical establishment) is now acting as the enforcer for central planners? Glenn Greenwald zeroes in on how the corporatist class is consolidating political power and corrupting our ability to govern ourselves.

Few people have written with deeper insight into human nature than Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Of course, he suffered a great deal in order to gain that wisdom. His warning that the West’s rejection of God will end in misery and terror is being validated right before our eyes.

Of all the freedoms currently under attack, the freedom to speak your mind is one of the most important. Tom Pitiak points to an old Frank Sinatra song “The House I Live In” to illustrate how that house has become a hiding place instead.

Happy tax day! Thankfully the filing deadline has been pushed back once again but J.D. Tuccille invites us to enjoy Tax Day 2021. Unfortunately, he also points out that it’s not likely to get better from here on.


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