4-14-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

The past year has been a remarkable example of how so-called “public health” can be leveraged into unimaginable political control of a population. Thomas DiLorenzo has a terrific essay on why ‘public health’ is the health of the state.

If you find yourself inching toward despair over the deteriorating state of our society, take heart. Jeff Minnick reminds us that one of the best ways to assume control of our lives begins with having gratitude for the things which are going right.

Living in a time where reality itself is under attack can be challenging. Jeff Minnick also has an absolute homerun of a column today on the death of reason in the land of make believe. Very worth your while.

My kids have recently rediscovered the TV show “Dirty Jobs” and as I’ve watched a few episodes with them, it’s clear why Mike Rowe is such a relatable guy. Recently he made a very solid case for why a $15/hour minimum wage will ultimately harm the people it purports to help.


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