3-8-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

With everything that’s happened in the last year, things aren’t looking too rosy for freedom lovers. Ethan Yang poses the question of whether we still have the will to continue as a free society.

To hear some politicians and media “experts” tell it, the most pressing concern facing our nation isn’t found in our government’s out of control spending, military interventionism or our ongoing loss of freedoms. No, supposedly it’s the threat of white supremacist extremism. Alexander Riley explains how these experts have invented a crisis that apparently only they can see.

How strictly do you tend to censor yourself when engaging in discourse with others? You might be surprised at how often all of us are doing it these days. Annie Holmquist makes a strong case for why we should speak up–even when it’s risky. She warns that when censorship’s the game, despotism is the goal.

Isn’t it crazy how many things that were totally acceptable and even loved by society just a few weeks ago are now being declared irredeemably offensive and are being removed from society? Larken Rose has a few thoughts on the hateful caricatures being created out of formerly harmless cartoon and story characters. NB: some adult language.


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