3-4-2021 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 2

* Guest: Beth Schoeneberg – “The little lady with the BIG Voice”, Beth Ann doesn’t shy away from tackling the toughest of today’s issues with a good dose of commonsense – Join us as we take on big government, mega-corporations and environmental extremists—no topic is too hot to handle. The show is live M-F at 9am MT – CSCTalkradio.com.
* Come help us “Bring America Home!” at Liberty Hall in Farr West, Utah on Saturday evening, March 13th at 7:00 pm.
* Supreme Court Refuses Remaining Election Fraud Cases Without Explanation.
* Berkeley Teachers-Union President Matt Meyer, who Demands Schools Remain Closed Is Seen Dropping Off His Daughter at an In-Person Preschool.
* Los Angeles Schools to Launch Microsoft COVID-Tracking App so Children Can Attend Classes.
* Researchers Report that Deaths from Covid Vaccine for Israel’s Elderly is 40 Times Greater than Deaths from Covid-19 Itself.
* UK: Health Authorities Announce Not a Single Case of Flu Detected This Year.
* Before Cancel Culture: 11 Hollywood Celebrities Who Read Dr. Seuss Books in Public.
* Flashback: Rev. Jesse Jackson Narrates Dr. Seuss Audiobook as Racism Charges Fly.
* California Will Spend $28 Million to Help Joe Biden Bring Migrants to US.
* How Long Will We Tolerate This Cancel Culture cancer Before We Say Enough Is Enough?

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