3-3-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

  • * An audience member called out Mike Bloomberg for “pushing for more gun control” when he has “an armed security detail. “Does your life matter more than mine or my family’s or these peoples’? The audience applauded before Bloomberg’s answer. Fox News broke to commercial when several protesters interrupted Bloomberg as he finished his response.
  • * Trump sides against Google in case of coding theft.
  • * Nunes: Subpoenas ready for ‘dirty cops’ – Plans set if Republicans return to House majority.
  • * US, Taliban sign deal aimed at ending war in Afghanistan.
  • * Donald Trump ‘Respectfully’ Asks Media Not to Incite Coronavirus Panic.
  • * Leftists furious after seeing Pence’s all-male task force, lose all hope when they start to pray – The left will use any reason to hate on Vice President Mike Pence, Christianity and white males, even during a pandemic.
  • * Caravans of Cuban-Americans Protest Bernie Sanders and Rally for Donald Trump.
  • * Joe Biden, 77, Becomes Youngest Male Candidate in Democrat Primary.
  • * Legal Immigrant Restaurant Owners Hit with Bad Reviews After Attending Trump Rally.
  • * SNL: John Mulaney Jokes That Senators Should Stab Trump Like Julius Caesar.

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