3-20-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

  • * The State Department issued a level-four travel advisory Thursday, urging Americans against all international travel and advising U.S. citizens living abroad to immediately return to the United States.
  • * Trump announced the FDA has approved the testing of a drug used to treat malaria called chloroquine as a possible COVID-19 treatment.
  • * Coronavirus Deals Blow to NASA’s 2024 Return-To-Moon Plan – Reuters. Work on the SLS, led by Boeing Co as the prime contractor, has been dogged by years of delays and nearly $2 billion in cost overruns.
  • * Coronavirus’ latest victim free speech – Twitter announced banning jokes about it.
  • * Lawsuit in Dallas Federal Court Accuses Chinese Government of Creating Coronavirus as ‘Biological Weapon’ – FreedomWatch.
  • * CA governor: ‘I don’t think schools are going to open again’ – ‘This is a very sobering thing to say’.
  • * Tulsi Gabbard out – Endorses Biden.
  • * The Utah State Legislature passed 510 bills this year, 574 last year, 2018 533.
  • * Hunter Biden’s hip hop record label recently folded after defaulting on its mortgage payments, Nevada state records reviewed by The Washington Free Beacon show.
  • * Ring’s work with police lacks solid evidence of reducing crime.
  • * Customer leaves $2,500 tip for staff before restaurant shuts down.
  • * Disabled Woman Shoots, Kills Home Invader.
  • * Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively Donate $1 Million to Food Banks to Help Low Income Families.
  • * MLB Teams to Donate $30 Million to Replace Lost Wages for Stadium Employees.

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