3-11-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

  • * Serious vote fraud uncovered in key battleground state – Could this throw the 2020 presidential election into chaos?
  • * The Bible Says That There Will Be “Pestilences” In The Last Days.
  • * Was the coronavirus engineered in the lab by humans as a bioweapon?
  • * Hillary Clinton: I ‘Begrudgingly’ Give Breitbart News ‘A Lot of Credit’ for Leading the Narrative.
  • * Hillary blasts Melania Trump: ‘She should look closer to home’.
  • * Chick-fil-A founder’s daughter speaks out – ‘You can with God’.
  • * Bernie Sanders: ‘Beyond Disgusting’ to See Nazi Flag at Rally.
  • * Curt Rolls Up His Make America Great Again Flag – Bystander comments something like “so you decided not to fly your nazi flag?”)
  • * ‘Trouble ahead!’: Trump responds to Schumer’s threat to Supreme justices – ‘Far beyond simple rhetoric. That is a physical threat’.

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