3-10-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

The COVID craziness began in earnest a year ago today. Hopefully, we’ve all learned something useful in that time. Thomas L. Knapp has a great take on the lingering mask mandates and advises Joe Biden to stop bucking the science and resign his ceremonial coronavirus papacy.

As the mask mandates begin to dissipate, there’s a lot of damage control being done by the mass media and certain medical authoritarians. Simon Black notes that even the Centers for Disease Control (and Prevention) is about to be punished for heresy by Facebook and Google. Why? Because the CDC has released a report about mask wearing that flies in the face of COVID facemask orthodoxy.

One of the side effects of having politicized and exploited a pandemic is that trust in public health officials is collapsing. Jeffrey A. Tucker explains why this may not necessarily be a bad thing.

With all the other stuff going on here at home, it’s hard to stay abreast of what our government is doing overseas. Caitlin Johnstone has a perfect example of how consent that’s manufactured by propaganda is not informed consent.

Here’s some good news: Walmart and Costco just gave more than 400,000 workers a raise. Why is this a big deal? They didn’t do it under the duress of a minimum wage law. Patrick Carroll explains how the free market is superior to the government in taking care of workers.


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