2023 May 25 The Bryan Hyde Show

It’s the perfect time of year to hash out the following issue: Shouldn’t bugs have rights if other animals do? Pull up a flyswatter and let’s talk.

It’s getting pretty predictable that any pushback against the incessant pushing of woke merchandise will be portrayed as “violence” by the merchants who are called out. Monica Showalter says Target is in a panic over the public’s response to LGBT merchandise.

Is it possible that people within our government staged a fake riot on Jan 6 to cover up the fact that they were certifying a fraudulent election? And why are they protecting Ray Epps so vigorously?

How seriously should we take our privacy? Before answering that question, take a look at Doug Casey’s take on the death of privacy and what comes next.

Dr. John C. Pulver from Climbing Upward joins me for a fascinating discussion on different family models and how they affect us throughout our lives.


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