2023 Mar 9 The Bryan Hyde Show

Artificial intelligence is officially a part of our world now and will likely change how we do a number of things. Here’s some reassurance from Deane Waldman M.D. that AI will not be replacing your doctor anytime soon.

Pay attention to the reaction of the political class in regards to Tucker Carlson airing never-before-seen video from the Jan 6 disturbance. Rajan Laad has a follow up to his earlier summary of Tucker’s revelations.

It seems pretty likely that, at some point, climate crisis will be used to seize control of our lives just like covid was. Here’s a reminder from Edward Ring that renewables aren’t renewable and our forced exit from fossil fuels is a bad idea.

If you’ve ever wondered about the various climate brats and other useful idiots who are destroying priceless works of art and disrupting traffic to protest fossil fuels, here’s a great explanation from Doug Casey.

Could the news media be playing up scary stories to discourage us from traveling abroad? Jeffrey A. Tucker asks, are you being frightened not to travel?


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