2023 June 8 The Bryan Hyde Show

Dissatisfaction with our physical bodies is part of human nature. Who hasn’t wished to be taller, stronger or better looking? Trish Randall has an excellent take on what we want but can never have.

Even in times of minimal censorship, getting factual information requires a willingness to seek the truth. Thorsteinn Siglaugsson says that can be particularly difficult when even the experts are being silenced.

Our commitment to liberty is always being tested. And the testing is about to get much harder. Eric Lendrum reports that the Southern Poverty Law Center is now labeling parental rights advocates as “anti-government hate groups.

The latest escalation in the “climate change” crisis is to blame farming and to suggest shutting down farms around the world. Doug Casey has a timely warning about how this could lead to famine.

People who write are people who learn how to order their thinking. Hopefully that doesn’t sound stuffy or conceited. Aletheia Hitz make the case for journaling as a way to transform our thoughts to words.


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