2023 June 7 The Bryan Hyde Show

Here’s a topic that few of us wish to acknowledge, much less to ponder: What do we do when covid tyranny returns? Jeff Thomas has a very thoughtful take on a threat that has not disappeared.

It shouldn’t be shocking but the mask is almost fully off the totalitarian culture that has metastasized around us. Michael Snyder pulls no punches when he warns, if you stand in the way, of their agenda, you will pay a price.

Confucius is credited with the saying, “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper names.” Walker Larson notes that if this is true, then transgenderism and its associated linguistics are leading us to madness.

Getting through the remainder of this month with your sanity intact is going to take some effort. James Patrick Riley has an excellent essay on pride celebrations and the law written on the heart.


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