2023 June 5 The Bryan Hyde Show

Pride month is getting more contentious each year and it’s coming from all directions. Thomas L. Knapp recommends an approach that’s based in caring less what others are doing and being a better person.

If you’re tempted to boycott woke corporations, that’s your right. Kimberlee Josephson has a few things we might consider before jumping in with both feet.

If you’ve taken to heart Solzhenitsyn’s advice to “live not by the lie,” you have your work cut out for you. Case in point, Brian Almon shares the story of a high school senior who is being punished through official channels for saying, “Guys are guys and girls are girls.”

Totalitarians cannot abide the existence of a higher moral authority than their own. John Green reminds us that we have no God-given rights without God.


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