2023 June 23 The Bryan Hyde Show

Dr. John C. Pulver from Climbing Upwards joins me to talk about the dangers of being self-satisfied. We also discuss the importance of mentors and interdependence to help each of us reach our potential.

Far too many people regard Constitution as something that has less relevance in our lives as time goes by. As Michael Boldin explains, our true Constitutional crisis stems from the peoples’ unwillingness to defend their freedoms.

Like it or not, newspeak is being imposed on us every time the definition of commonly understood words are changed to meet new, politically correct standards. C.G Jones pleads, for the love of English, stop changing definitions.

As much as many of us would like to see authentic accountability on the part of those who abused us over the past 3 years, they’re still dodging responsibility. Bill Rice spells out the great great debate that will not happen.


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