2023 June 20 The Bryan Hyde Show

Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos drops by for a good old fashioned wrongthink session.

Too many laws can be a bad thing but so is failure to enforce the once that protect life, liberty and property. Jon Miltimore’s essay on California’s attempt to outlaw employees from confronting shoplifters highlights some really bad public policy-making.

There’s a lot of weird stuff going on at the moment. Noticeable military movements and increasing evidence of official corruption at the highest levels have James Howard Kunstler wondering about our strange days.

Father’s Day is past and it’s once again safe to treat dads as goofy, unnecessary fools again. Thomas Harrington says those silly dads on TV are how the social engineers among us view real fathers.

Those cartoons many of us grew up watching weren’t just a distraction or entertainment. Annie Holmquist notes that the classic cartoons helped to created a culturally literate generation.

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