2023 June 2 The Bryan Hyde Show

Corporate media isn’t exactly cheering the Supreme Court ruling against the EPA last week but it’s still very good news for property rights. Judge Andrew Napolitano lays out how government attacks free will when it assaults property rights.

This is a topic that’s going to make some folks really uncomfortable but it’s one that needs to be broached. Brandon Smith writes about how the death of Jordan Neely illustrates why vigilantes are a good thing.

It’s always interesting to see what commencement speakers are saying to the latest graduates. John Horvat tells the overwhelmed Class of 2023: Don’t be underwhelming. It’s great advice.

Two years ago, we were entering the worst phase of the covid crisis–the part where individuals were openly advocating that the unvaxxed be removed from society. Alex Berenson has a brutal, but honest, take on friendship with self-righteous cowards. (h/t to Reuben for passing this along)

‘Tis the season for woke activism, so we might as well understand what we’re up against. This Twitter thread unroll is a great primer on the sophisticated tactics being used by the cancel culture mob.


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