2023 June 19 The Bryan Hyde Show

Being a truthseeker requires an absolute commitment to questioning any and all narratives. Max Border has an excellent essay on media manipulators and how to slay their favorite forms of groupthink.

All the talk about UFOs and extra-terrestrial craft is certainly raising some interesting possibilities. Thomas L. Knapp sums up the dilemma many of us face when he says, I want to believe but I trust no one (well, no one from the government, anyway).

Serious about propaganda-proofing yourself? As Caitlin Johnstone explains, you must first understand why propaganda works.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has once again released its updated list of “hate” and “extremist” groups. When you see who is on this year’s list, you’ll start to understand why the SPLC is nothing more than grifting alarmists.

It’s not often you hear the words “wisdom” and “hippies” in the same company. However, Paul Rosenberg’s latest essay on the wisdom of the hippies is motivational in exactly the right way.

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