2023 June 1 The Bryan Hyde Show

It shouldn’t be controversial for a teenager to hold down a job but some people act like it’s tantamount to repealing the child labor laws. James Bovard says the best life lesson for a teen is a job.

Our risk averse society has succeeded in producing laws and policies that grossly underestimate kids’ capabilities. Lenore Skenazy warns that we’re creating a generation of anxious, incompetent kids.

If you’ve had to fill a fuel can lately, you’ve likely experienced real frustration. Clyde Wayne Crews explains the epic failure of the government gas can.

The public force-feeding of woke ideology is in full swing for the next month. Jim Geraghty has a great explanation of how we’re witnessing a culture-war reckoning for corporate America.

It’s probably considered unAmerican to question country music. At the same time, wokeness has found its way into Nashville as Brian Parsons notes in his essay, “A Tale of Two Countries.


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