2023 July 27 The Bryan Hyde Show

If you’ve had a suspicion that someone is messing with your mind, you’re not wrong. Annie Holmquist explains the 1958 psychological warfare plan that is playing out before us.

Not to add to the pressure we’re all feeling but we are standing at a turning point. Jeffrey A. Tucker describes the great cloud of disrepute that indicates how broken our world has become.

Here’s a bit of good news: There has been acknowledgement of rights violations in the city of Moscow, Idaho where the city has been ordered to pay $300,000 to 3 church-goers arrested for singing hymns in a parking lot in 2020.

Why is free speech under such relentless attack right now? Barry Brownstein says it’s because totalitarianism starts with censorship. And the principles of a free society are rapidly being redefined.

Article of the Day:

The St. Lukes health care leviathan has been awarded a $56 million judgement against Ammon Bundy and Diego Rodriguez. There’s a lot more to this case that has been suppressed by corporate media. Check out Ammon’s video where he explains the 4 reasons he didn’t defend himself in court.


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