2023 July 13 The Bryan Hyde Show

Pretending that free speech isn’t under attack is no longer an option. C.J. Jones explains how Michigan is moving to make “hate” speech a felony and it’s not likely to stop there.

This is a really uncomfortable subject but it needs to be faced squarely, nonetheless. J.B. Shurk says our government’s current system of two-tiered “justice” is intended to incite rebellion.

Even as the Bundy family is seeing the beginnings of their vindication over federal lying and persecution, the heat is being turned up on Ammon Bundy. His letter to the new judge presiding over the civil suit filed by St. Lukes has crucial information the corporate media will not share.

A growing trend of loneliness is taking place in our society. Michael Snyder says more Americans are living alone than ever before.


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